Dr. Pavitra

Esthetician, California, USA

Be of age 15 or 50, skincare has always been a concern for everyone! I was always passionate about all-things-skin, be it reading about skincare products, or skin conditions, or skincare ingredients, I was always keen to learn more. Being a dentist, I felt I had limited knowledge when it came to skincare, so I decided to study further in the field of professional skincare and Esthetician school was the best option that came up. I enrolled to become a licensed Esthetician in California. It gave me knowledge and deep insights about skin, skin conditions and best suitable ingredients for each skin type. I had an extra edge by studying in California as its diverse population boasts of people from all race and ethnicities; I got to learn and use my expertise for treating skin problems of a vast array of skin types and conditions. After graduating, I started a small journey to help people by educating them about skin and skincare products, shortly I started getting inquiries from people all over the world who needed help with their skin issued and selecting the right product for their skin. I love making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We all have a unique skin, and we all need a specific skincare routine. I believe in an holistic approach when it comes to selecting the right skincare routine. It’s said that Estheticians are your skin’s best friends so here I’m to help you achieve your skin goals.

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